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Compact Laser Series CL plus powerred

Compact Laser Serie CL plus

more than 40 years of laser experience
practical design
superior cutting-edge technology

First class laser – universally applicable

  • Laser class 2M
  • devices with 60mW, 100mW and 250 mW red laser beam
  • NEW: Device 60mW also with blue laser beam
  • ideal for hospitals/clinics
  • intelligent timer function
  • userfriendly
  • energy saving - operated with AA battery
  • multifunctional therapy tip
  • combinable with Point detector PS 3
  • Hidden Monitor technology

3-years warranty!

  • The most important indications for laser irradiationOpen or Close

    The thearpy indications apply exclusively to the use of the laser device by trained personnel after instruction!

    • Accelerated wound healing
    • Improvemed callus formation
    • Luxations, strains
    • Prevented recurrence in the case of septic processes
    • Improved healing of transplants
    • Treatment of decubitalulcera
    • Improved healing of severed nerves
    • Decrease of post-operative pain
    • Improved local defence at the wound
    • Burns
    • Herpes labialis, herpes genitalis, Herpes zoster
    • Circulatory disorders of the skin, smoker’s leg
    • Diabetic skin change
    • Ulcera cruris
    • Joint pain
    • Neuralgia (sciatica, lumbago)
    • Shoulder-arm syndrome
    • Aphthae
    • Gingivitis
    • Sinuses affections
    • Laser acupuncture
    • Neural therapy
    • Scar tissue treatment
    • Mastitis
    • Veterinary medicine

  • Automatic irradiation timeOpen or Close
    • set the necessary radiation time in cm
    • choose the preferred radiation dose in J/cm²
    • the necessary therapy period is computed and set automatically
    • press the start button to begin with the treatment

    only applicable for the devices CL 60 and CL 100

    Setting Akup. Kind (acupuncture child): performance is reduced to 25% - period 5 sec
    Setting Akup. Erw. (acupuncture adult): performance is reduced to 50% - period 15 sec.

    Warning tones and multicolored indicator lights

  • BatteryOpen or Close

    The Compact Laser who is always available:

    Batterie der Silberbauer-Laser

    New environmentally friendly NiMH-batteries with an extremely low self discharge rate (after 1 year, 85% of charge remains!) that endures over 1000 charging cycles!

    • energy saving due to the use of only one battery or a battery type AA Mignon (Type CL250-658: 2 batteries)
    • operation depending on capacity can vary between 2,5 – 3,5 hours, with battery Type AA 4,5 – 5,5 hours

  • Point detection and laser treatment all in oneOpen or Close

    only devices CL 60-638 and CL 100-638

    To achieve satisfactory results:

    • Connect the Point detector PS3 and the laser with the connection cable
    • The point detector then needs to be handed over into the hand of the patient
    • The laser-tip now serves as a point finder. Continue the point detection until the point detector reaches its maximum tone pitch
    • Now press the laser start button and start the laser therapy

    Areas of application:

    • Ear acupuncture
    • Body acupuncture
    • Skull acupuncture

  • Data sheetOpen or Close

    Currently the following Compact Laser Types are available:

    Compact Laser Type CL plus 60mW-638nm
    Which device for which treatment?universally applicable, larger wounds, dental sector, physiotherapy, acupuncture universally applicable, dental sector, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, peripheral circulatory disorders
    Output power:60 mW
    Wavelength:638 nm
    Laser class:2M
    Diameter of laser emerge:3,2mm
    Therapy time per battery/with NimH-battery:4,5 hours
    Weight w/o & w/ battery:95 g /116 g
    Diameter:20 mm
    Length:217 mm

    Warranty: 3 years in accordance with our delivery conditions
    Laser Inspection: every 2 years

  • Scope of deliveryOpen or Close
    • 1 Compact Laser plus xx
    • 1 Fast charger for NiMH-batteries
    • 1 Comfort-Laser adjust glasses green (for the therapist)
    • 1 Comfort–Laser goggles turquoise (for the patient)
    • 1 instructions for use + instruments book
    • 1 Map "applications of the Soft-Laser"
    • 1 instruction to the device (safety and device operation, approx. 60 min.)
    • 1 inspection plaque
    • 1 !!! WARRANTY = 36 MONTHS!!!
    • 2 NiMH high performance rechargable batteries (AA) 2050 mAh
    • 1 lockable casket, laser radiation warning sign
    • 1 case (Nabuka)
    • 2 NiMH high performance rechargable batteries (AA) 2050 mAh
    • 0

  • DownloadsOpen or Close
  • Prices + OrderingOpen or Close

    Prices include short instruction!

    Type CL plus 60mW-638nm CL plus 100mW-638nm

    3.498,00 €

    4.098,00 €


  • AccessoriesOpen or Close
    Point Detector Silberbauer, Point Detector PS3
    Point Detector Silberbauer
    Point Detector PS3

    229.00 €
    Connection Cable, for Silberbauer Compact Laser CL mini/plus & PS3 point detector
    Connection Cable
    for Silberbauer Compact Laser CL mini/plus & PS3 point detector

    66.00 €
    Irradiator for area, for Compact-Laser CL plus
    Irradiator for area
    for Compact-Laser CL plus

    199.00 €
    Comfort-Laser protection glasses, for the patient (red light)
    Comfort-Laser protection glasses
    for the patient (red light)

    198.00 €
    Comfort-Laser adjust glasses, for the therapist (red light)
    Comfort-Laser adjust glasses
    for the therapist (red light)

    120.00 €
    Soft-Caps-Laser googles, for the patient
    Soft-Caps-Laser googles
    for the patient

    59.00 €
    Comb, for information transfer
    for information transfer

    66.00 €
    Connection cable, for Silberbauer Laser CL mini/plus & comb (information transfer)
    Connection cable
    for Silberbauer Laser CL mini/plus & comb (information transfer)

    66.00 €
    Laser radiation warning sign,
    Laser radiation warning sign

    7.50 €

Actual price status January 2024
Technical data are subject to change!

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