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Point Detector PS3

The best of all point detectors at a glance:

- switchless activation & always ready for use
- no calibration required
- adjustable volume
- autoclavable tip
- maintenance-free
- battery life up to 10 years
- convenient transport casket

Areas of application:

- Body acupuncture
- Ear acupuncture
- Skull acupuncture
- Neural therapy

  • The electrical conductivitiy of the skin at the acupuncture pointOpen or Close

    The acupuncture point is among others characterized by increased electrical conductivity of the skin. The image shows this significant electric conductance at the acupuncture point. The discribed phenomena can be observed for normal as well as for dry and moist skin texture.

    This electical characteristic of the acupuncture point can be used to exactly locate its position.

  • The acupuncture point at the bodyOpen or Close

    Procedure for body acupuncture:

    1. Create skin contact with the patient via your hand.
    2. Then place the PS3 tip perpendicularly on the skin, near to the acupuncture point.
    3. Move the PS3 in the direction of a higher tone or a quicker light signal.

  • The optic and acustic signal of the PS3Open or Close

    The image shows that both the tone pitch of the built-in speaker and the frequence of the installed light-diode increase the closer the point detector moves to the acupuncture point.
    The tone pitch reaches its maximum light and maximum pitch at the center of the acupuncture point.

  • Detection of ear and skull acupunctureOpen or Close

    In contrast to acupuncture points at the body, acupunture points at the ear and at the carnial zone after Yamamoto are "silent", i.e. the PS3 only indicates points that show disturbances in the organism.

    The stronger the disturbances, the higher the tone pitch at the center of the acupuncture point. Thus, the PS3 serves as a supportive mean for diagnosis.
    Disturbed points should then be treated primarily with acupuncture needles or a laser.

  • The various detection probesOpen or Close

    The detection probes for the PS3 can be exchanged easily.

    The standard probe is equipped with a big rounding radius for body acupuncture (a) and a small one for ear acupuncture (b). The spring-loaded probe (c) is also part of the standard accessory. Additionally, we could also supply you with a spring-loaded area probe (d), a needle probe (e) as well as a special detection probe for veterinary medicine (f).

  • The battery of the Point Detector PS3Open or Close

    The inner circuit of the Point Detector PS3 is particularly energy saving, so that the supplied lighium battery lasts several years even despite continuous use.

    In case the battery is empty, you can easily replace it: you simply turn the sealing cap counterclockwise, take out the battery and place the new battery (Sanyo CR1/3N – also available in camera stores) with the positive side facing up into the device and then close the cap.
    When storing or transporting the point detector, make sure that no conductive connection exists between detection probe and casing (e.g. through metal parts) as otherwise the battery will be discharged.

  • DownloadsOpen or Close
  • Data SheetOpen or Close
    Point Detector PS3 Data:
    Point display: Optcial and acustic
    Battery: Sanyo CR1/3N
    Battery life: approx. 10 years
    Weight incl. battery: 60 g
    Diameter: 15 mm
    Length incl. tip 138 mm
    Warranty: 3 years

  • Scope of delivery + priceOpen or Close
    • 1 Point Detector PS3
    • 3 different tips
    • 1 battery
    • 1 instruments book
    • 1 instructions for use
    • 1 warranty 36 months
    • 1 case
    Price incl. VAT

    229,00 €

Actual price status January 2024
Technical data are subject to change!

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