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About Silberbauer

The Laboratory Silberbauer, Medical Electronics, is located in Vienna Austria. It was founded by Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Silberbauer in 1978.

The company has the intention to enlarge the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in medicine with complementary, holistic methods.

In its LASER section the company developed and produced the first Soft Lasers in Austria (1979) and one of the first ones in Europe. Silberbauer searched for various efficient application methods in human and animal medicine together with doctors and clinics. The Silberbauer Lasers have since evolved, improved and been exported to to various countries all over the world.

2006 Silberbauer India in Pune, Maharashtra, was founded. The lasers for the Indian market are assembled there. Also technical service and calibrations are offered in Pune for Indian customers.

Since 2007 there is also a Silberbauer Training Course Center in Pune with additional courses in Mumbai. Various Indian clinics use the Silberbauer Laser and found many new possible applications which have been tested there scientifically.

Currently, the following Silberbauer products are available for export:

Development and production are in accordance with the European Medical Devices Law with a Quality Management System in accordance with international standards ISO 13485 and CE for Medical Products. This system is certified and permanently surveiled by the Notified Body TÜV Nord Cert GMBH.

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