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Compact Laser Series CL mini

Compact Laser Serie CL mini

Made in Austria
36-months warranty

  • The most important indications for laser irradiationOpen or Close

    The therapy indications apply exclusively to the use of the laser device by trained personnel after instruction!

    • Accelerated wound healing
    • Improved callus formation
    • Luxations, strains
    • Prevented recurrence in the case of septic processes
    • Improved healing of transplants
    • Treatment of decubitalulcera
    • Improved healing of severed nerves
    • Decrease of post-operative pain
    • Improved local defence at the wound
    • Burns
    • Herpes labialis, herpes genitalis, Herpes zoster
    • Circulatory disorders of the skin, smoker's leg
    • Diabetic skin change
    • Ulcera cruris
    • Joint pain
    • Neuralgia (sciatica, lumbago)
    • Shoulder-arm syndrome
    • Aphthae
    • Gingivitis
    • Sinuses affections
    • Laser acupuncture
    • Neural therapy
    • Scar tissue treatment
    • Mastitis
    • Veterinary medicine

  • Laser class 2MOpen or Close

    The same therapeutical effect as laser class 3B - just less strict safety regulations.
    This relatively new laser class is applicable for devices with divergent radiaton, making their use within a certain distance completely safe – for both the eye and the skin.
    The sign "Attention laser-radiation" is still included in the scope of delivery, as it is a good advert for doctors. The sign "Wear protection googles" is now omitted.

  • BatteryOpen or Close

    The Compact Laser is always available!

    • energy saving due to the use of only one battery or a battery type AAA = Lady cells = LR03
    • Operation depending on capacity can vary between 10-16 hours, with battery type AAA 5-9 hours.

  • Switchable TimerOpen or Close

    The Compact Laser that does not require a clock!

    The same therapy time per treatment point is used for many punctual applications (acupuncture, neural therapy). Thus, acupuncture points, for instance, are each lasered for with 15 seconds.

    This time is already preprogrammed in the Compact Laser CL mini!

    You simply press the laser's start button and keep it pressed until the laser turns off. This enables you to precisely treat various, you can exactly treat various points in a row. If a longer therapy period is in case of poorly healing wounds for example, in case of poorly healing wounds, the timer is switched to “1 minute”. According to your preferred therapy period, you can start the laser again after the 1 minute therapy (3 minutes of irradiation = starting the laser 3 times).

    In case of a shorter therapy period, you simply release the button to stop the laser immediately.

  • Performance ControlOpen or Close

    The Compact Laser with 100% constant output power and performance check

    To achieve an optimum therapy result:
    A new type of control circuit, without optical measurement, allows complete independence of any reflections through the skin!

    The result:
    100% constant output power = "Constant power", also in the case of strong reflections!

    Additional performance control:
    an electronic monitoring with LED shows independent from the control circuit if the performance is ok – for your own safety!

    Thus, with the Compact Laser CL mini you can rely on contstant laser performance and also convince yourself about it at any time!

  • Multifunctional therapy tipOpen or Close
    Multifunctional therapy tip

    Laser treatment of a point
    -> place the laser directly on the skin

    Multifunctional therapy tip

    Laser treatment of an area
    -> keep the distance between laser and skin up to 5 cm

    Multifunctional therapy tip

    Laser treatment of orifices
    -> e.g. direct radiation into the ear canal

    Of course, the Compact Laser Series CL mini also allows you to do both point detection and laser treatment in one!

    The laser diode is well protected and built in inside the case, thus providing perfectly mechanical and optical security.

    Easy cleaning! –e.g. you could clean the tip simply with an alcohol swab.

  • Intrinsic Values of the CL miniOpen or Close

    O-ring tightening between battery case and electronics: protection, if the battery leaks!

    Nickel plated high pressure double contact springs: safe dual contacting, no loose contact!

    Timer with high quality rotary switch with gold contacts

    Multilayer – Printed Circuit Board, with automatically inserted components on both sides: highly reliable electronics in a small area!

    Large push-button switch with click-effect and gold contacts: needs more space, but is much more reliable and gives you a good feel!

    Large ultra-bright LED: bright indication also in bright therapy rooms with low electricity consumption.

    Laser diode well protected and built on the inside of the case.

  • Point detection and laser treatment all in oneOpen or Close

    To achieve satisfactory results:

    • Connect the Point Detector PS3 and the laser with the connection cable
    • The Point Detector then needs to be handed over into the hand of the patient
    • The laser-tip now serves as a point finder: Continue the point detection until the point detector reaches its maximum tone pitch
    • Now press the laser start button and start the laser therapy

    Areas of application:

    • Ear acupuncture
    • Body acupuncture
    • Skull acupuncture

  • Compare!Open or Close
    CL Laser mini: Laser from other manufacturers:
    The lucid and slim tip is perfectly suited for acuptuncture and area radiation, as well as for treatment at and in the ear, thus reducing the need for additional accessories. Construction wise other devices require further accessories, e.g. extensions for acupuncture and ear canal treatment or probes to treat areas
    Timer Timer with high quality rotary switch with gold contacts –
    switchable to seconds and joules
    Fixed or no timer at all
    O-ring tightening between battery case and electronics: protection, if the battery leaks! No protection of electronics: leaking batteries damage in many cases the complicated inner workings.
    Nickel plated high pressure double contact springs: safe dual contacting, no loose contact! Battery contacts are not always guaranteed.
    Energy saving due to the use of only one commercial battery Minimum requirement of two batteries
    Easy to use, immediately understandable! Partly very cumbersome device operation
    The integrated diffuser in the tip allows optimal and uniform light radiation Inconsistent light distribution respectively requirement of diffuser extensions leading to light loss

  • Data sheetOpen or Close

    Currently the following Compact Laser Types are available:

    Modell CL mini 8mW-658nm
    Output power:8 mW
    Wavelength:658 nm
    Laser class:2M
    Diameter of laser emerge:1,5mm
    15 sec / 60 sec
    0,12 J / 0,5 J
    Therapy time per battery/with NiMH-b.:16 hours / 9 hours
    Weight w/o & w/ battery:78 / 89 g
    Diameter:15 mm
    Length:188 mm

    Warranty: 3 years in accordance with our delivery conditions
    Laser Inspection: every 2 years

  • Scope of deliveryOpen or Close
    • 1 Compact Laser mini xx
    • 4 alkali-manganese batteries size AAA (=Lady cells)
    • 1 CL-mini case CE
    • 1 lockable casket
    • 1 laser radiation warning sign
    • 1 instructions for use + instruments book
    • 1 Soft-Caps laser goggles for the patient
    • 1 inspection plaque
    • 1 !!! WARRANTY = 36 MONTHS!!!

  • DownloadsOpen or Close
  • Prices + OrderingOpen or Close

    Prices include short instruction!

    Type CL mini 8mW-658nm CL mini 20mW-658nm CL mini 30mW-658nm

    1.089,00 €

    1.679,00 €

    2.280,00 €


  • AccessoriesOpen or Close
    Comfort-Laser adjust glasses, for the therapist (red light)
    Comfort-Laser adjust glasses
    for the therapist (red light)

    120.00 €
    Comfort-Laser protection glasses, for the patient (red light)
    Comfort-Laser protection glasses
    for the patient (red light)

    198.00 €
    Point Detector Silberbauer, Point Detector PS3
    Point Detector Silberbauer
    Point Detector PS3

    229.00 €
    Connection Cable, for Silberbauer Compact Laser CL mini/plus & PS3 point detector
    Connection Cable
    for Silberbauer Compact Laser CL mini/plus & PS3 point detector

    66.00 €
    Soft-Caps-Laser googles, for the patient
    Soft-Caps-Laser googles
    for the patient

    59.00 €
    Comb, for information transfer
    for information transfer

    66.00 €
    Connection cable, for Silberbauer Laser CL mini/plus & comb (information transfer)
    Connection cable
    for Silberbauer Laser CL mini/plus & comb (information transfer)

    66.00 €
    Laser radiation warning sign,
    Laser radiation warning sign

    7.50 €

Actual price status January 2024
Technical data are subject to change!

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